Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

Mon, Apr 13, 2009

Royal Canin

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Pet Foods are manufactured by Royal Canin, which was first founded in 1967 in Gard, France. Royal Canin was acquired by the Mars/Masterfood Group in 2002. The headquarters of Royal Canin are in Aimargues, France. However, there are currently eight production facilities worldwide, one of which is in Rolla, Missouri (USA). Royal Canin specializes in premium dog and cat food that meets specific health-related needs. Royal Canin is also very well-known for the clinical formulation of symptom-specific diets, as well as research in dietary formulas for their veterinary pet food products. In 2007, Royal Canin recalled several products because a melamine derivative was found in its rice protein concentrate. This involved the KASCO Cat bagged dry food, and all packaging types of Royal Canin's Feline Hypoallergenic HP 23 formula.

Royal Canin currently offers 21 different types of cat food formulas. Each of these formulas is available both in a dry kibble formula and in a wet canned formula. The dry formulas are available in a 3.5lb bag, a 7lb bag, and a large 15lb bag. Royal Canin has a different approach to cat food than some other cat food companies. This is because many of Royal Canin's cat food formulas are designed for cats that need to follow a “therapeutic diet”, or have specific health needs.

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Review

The 21 different Royal Canin Cat Food formulas are each designed for different dietary needs. For example, there are four different Protein + Green Pea flavors that are designed to be used with a Limited Ingredient Diet. There are also two different Calorie Control formulas, one with higher fiber, and one with higher protein. Four different types of cat food are in the Early Care diet category, which are designed for growing younger cats. Hypoallergenic formula, Dental formula, Diabetic formula, Intestinal formula, Recovery formula and Urinary Tract formula are a few other types of Royal Canin cat foods that are designed for specific therapeutic diets.

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food comes in the follow 21 recipes:

  1. Royal Canin Growth DD 34 Cat Food
  2. Royal Canin Mature WK 28 Cat Food
  3. Royal Canin Young Adult YWS 34 Cat Food
  4. Royal Canin Young Male WS 38 Cat Food
  5. Royal Canin Calorie Control Formula CC 29 High Fiber Cat Food
  6. Royal Canin Calorie Control CC 38 High Protein Cat Food
  7. Royal Canin Control Formula Cat Food
  8. Royal Canin Dental DD 27 Cat Food
  9. Royal Canin Diabetic DS 44 Cat Food
  10. Royal Canin Green Peas and Duck Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Food
  11. Royal Canin Green Peas and Lamb Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Food
  12. Royal Canin Green Peas and Rabbit Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Food
  13. Royal Canin Green Peas and Venison Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Food
  14. Royal Canin Hypoallergenic HP 23 Cat Food
  15. Royal Canin Intestinal HE 30 Cat Food
  16. Royal Canin Modified Formula Cat Food
  17. Royal Canin Renal LP 21 Cat Food
  18. Royal Canin Treats Cat Food
  19. Royal Canin Urinary SO 33 Cat Food
  20. Royal Canin Recovery RS Cat Food

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Final Thoughts

General consumer opinion in regards to Royal Canin cat food is mixed. Since many of the formulas contain corn and corn-based products as one of the top five ingredients, some pet owners opt to avoid Royal Canin. Some cat owners have animals that have had bad allergic reactions to some of Royal Canin's cat food formulas, though this is fairly rare. However, some veterinarians will recommend certain Royal Canin cat food formulas for pets that have health problems.

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food Consumer Ratings

Have you ever bought and fed your cat Royal Canin Cat Food? If so, please take the time and let others know what you thought of Royal Canin Cat Food. Below is a ranking based on the price, ingredients and availability of Royal Canin Cat Food.

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Does your cat like it?
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57 Responses to “Royal Canin Dry Cat Food”
  1. Christophoros Says:

    I was giving my 2 year old Turkish Angora the Royal Canin Hair and Skin formula and he was absolutely thriving on it. As far as new and promising brands is concerned, 3 months ago I did the most stupid thing a pet owner could do. I switched to another brand. More specifically, I gave him Orijen. Everybody kept telling me that I should buy a more cat appropriate food, grain free and richer in meat based protein. He was losing weight, got sick every day and started developing a bad allergy. The whole switching thing cost me: 28 euros for Orijen plus 40 euros for vet and lab and 20 euros for medication (cortisone, lotions) as well as 20 euros for a new bag of Royal Canin. In total 108 euros wasted, not to mention the self blaming for inflicting pain on my baby. So I decided that from now on any product I buy for my cat will have to come from a brand that actually conducts research and, therefore, meets appropriate scientific standards.

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  2. Rebeccca Says:

    My cat loves this food. We give him Royal Canin “Indoor mature” which is great because it is softer for his teeth than other dried foods, and apparently the shape cleans them for him. He had been losing a lot of weight before we swapped to this, and I think his old teeth were the reason. It also has some extra ingredients especially for the health of older cats. It’s still a hard food so if your cats teeth are really bad or missing it won’t be soft enough for them. Before this he refused to eat anything but tuna in brine, which is very salty, as well as a little “Go-Cat” so this is clearly a much healthier option. Another advantage to this food is that it makes fecal matter smell much less bad than it does with regular pet food, but it’s never going to smell like roses!

    One disadvantage is that in Ireland it is difficult to find Indoor Mature in the 10 kg bag, and buying it in smaller sizes is less economical. The other disadvantage is the price, but if you could see the difference in his weight, general health, fur, attitude, energy and mood since we switched you would see it is worth it to pay the extra money to find a pet food which is designed to take care of your cat, and not just keep him alive.

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  3. Lindsay Says:

    I have two beautiful cats. The oldest is six years old and the youngest is one years old. They have been on the standard indoor dry kibble for about a year. My youngest was on the kitten version and transitioned over to the adult. I had no issues with this food while feeding my cats, but I did not like that it contains the grains which is why I switched their food. They are on a high protein diet now and are as rotten as ever and extremely playful. High protein is the way to go if you are looking for a grain free diet. But I have nothing bad to say about Royal Canin, it worked for me for the short time I used it. I just wish they offered a grain free kibble.

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  4. flatpickluvr Says:

    My old cat has been on Royal Canin Urinary SO prescription dry cat food for all of his 17 years due to a history of struvite kidney stones. I’ve had absolutely no problems with it. Another company made it before Waltham did, then Waltham took over, and then Royal Canin took it over from Waltham. Just goes to show you how long I’ve been using it, through three company regime changes.

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  5. Ivy Says:

    While it may be expensive and some people might worry about the grains, given the positive effects on my cats I’d say this is the best brand I have ever tried. (Apart from maybe ‘Wellness’ but their dry kibble isn’t readily available.)

    I have two cats, one of which has an incredibly sensitive stomach. I spent the first five years of her life switching her between brands, trying to find something which agreed with her. With some she would have an extra smelly litter box, with some she’d be throwing up, and with others she just wouldn’t eat. I tried ‘Royal Canin’ on a whim and she loves it. She has no more tummy issues, and her litter box isn’t deadly after one poop from across the room. (This was my major complaint about Orijen, and other high protein foods.)

    My other cat can eat anything and be happy, but her fur is noticeably glossier and softer when she’s eating Royal Canin, so I figure that’s a good sign. She’s also extra smelly when on higher protein diets, so rather than live in the bog of eternal stench a little grain in the diet it is.

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  6. Chocolate Says:

    Dont judge catfood by ingredient but judge by experience when feeding your lovely cat.Its the lesson for me..I cant forget it.I ll try many brand grain free/holistic catfood in my country but Royal Canin still the best.
    My cat feed RC persian 30,healthy,glossy fur,shine eyes and they brain very smartest now.LOL
    but the price not friendly to my pocket now.Very pricey to my country.
    More expensive than rice as my daily food..Ough

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  7. Mary Woodward Says:

    My 4 year old cat started eating Royal Canin after his one year checkup. His teeth were very dirty but cleaned up nicely after starting to eat the dental food. But he must be a junk food lover as the ingredients in this food are terrible. Too bad Royal Canin didn’t have a conscience and start putting half decent stuff in their pet food. But I guess that would mean spending money, right?

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