Eagle Pack Cat Food

Fri, May 15, 2009

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack Cat Food

Eagle Pack Pet Foods manufactures their dry cat food products in Mishawaka, Indiana, and has been making pet food for about 40 years. The Eagle Pack pet food company introduced a new way to make pet food, which removed corn as the primary ingredient. Their grain ingredients are free of herbicides, and there are no added hormones in their chicken ingredients. With the recent recall of many pet food brands, Eagle Pack Pet Foods has repeatedly stated that none of their cat food formulas contain any of the ingredients affected by the recall (such as wheat gluten or rice gluten). Though some of Eagle Pack's cat food formulas contain Corn Gluten, it is from a source that has been tested, and is not affected by the pet food recall.

Eagle Pack Cat Food Review

Eagle Pack offers many different types of cat food formulas. There are two separate product lines for Eagle Pack's cat food: Super Premium and Holistic Select. Super Premium includes four different formulas, while Holistic Select has three formulas. All of Eagle Pack's dry cat foods are offered in a 3lb, 6.6lb and 16.5lb bag size.

Eagle Pack Holistic Select includes three types of dry cat food formulas. All products in the Holistic Select line are omitted any ingredients that are not considered to be “holistic” by the standards of Eagle Pack. All three formulas include certified organic quinoa.

Eagle Pack Holistic Select Cat Food Recipes:

  1. Anchovy, Sardine and Salmon meal formula has a Guaranteed Analysis of 32% protein and 20% fat. Salmon, Sardine and Anchovy meal are the first three ingredients in this formula, which provide Omega 3 fatty acids.
  2. Duck Meal and Oatmeal formula also has a Guaranteed Analysis of 32% protein and 20% fat. Three of the first five ingredients are animal protein-based. Other ingredients include egg, beets, alfalfa and blueberries.
  3. Chicken Meal and Rice formula contains three types of meat meal: Chicken, Anchovy and Sardine. The Guaranteed analysis of this formula is 32% protein and 20% fat. Other ingredients include flaxseed, eggs, tomato and fish oil.

Eagle Pack Super Premium cat food formulas are designed in an effort to avoid adding synthetic supplements that are not from food-based sources. The four formulas included in this line of product are:

Eagle Pack Super Premium:

  1. Eagle Pack Hairball Formula Cat Food (30% protein, 14% fat. Best for long-hair cats)
  2. Eagle Pack Adult Cat Food (32% protein, 20% fat. Suitable for all adult cats)
  3. Eagle Pack Indoor Multi-Cat Adult Cat Food (33% protein, 12% fat. Low fat for indoor cats)
  4. Eagle Pack Kitten formula Cat Food (34% protein, 21% fat. Designed for kittens up to one year old).

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  1. Sally Says:

    My cats have been eating Eagle Pack Premium cat food for years (pink bag) and would prefer not to switch to another brand. I’ve tried Orijen and Arcana but they prefer Eagle Pack. They’re all extremely healthy and happy.

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