Avoderm Dry Cat Food

Sun, Apr 12, 2009


Avoderm Dry Cat Food

AvoDerm brand cat food is manufactured by a company called Breeder's Choice Pet Foods. Breeder's Choice Pet Foods is a division of the Central Garden & Pet Company. It was founded in 1947 in Irwindale, California. AvoDerm brand pet foods were first created in 1982 as a special formula for curing dog-related health problems. Though many pet food brands have been affected by the recent pet food recalls, no Breeder's Choice Pet Food or AvoDerm products are currently affected.

Avoderm Dry Cat Food Reviews

AvoDerm is unique in that it uses avocado meal as one of the main ingredients. Also, AvoDerm cat food formulas are marketed as being free of BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, or any other artificial preservatives. AvoDerm's stated reasons for using avocados in their cat food formula include the high amounjt of Vitamin A, C &E, and the possibly beneficial effects on feline skin health. AvoDerm dry at food is available in three different formulas. Each of these three formulas is available in a 3.5lb bag, a 7lb bag, and a large 18lb bag (except for the kitten formula, which currently is not offered in the 18lb bag size).

Avoderm Dry Cat Food comes in 3 different formulas:

  1. Avoderm Natural Kitten Food
  2. - AvoDerm Natural Kitten Food formula is designed for kittens and cats up to one year of age. Three of the first five ingredients are protein-based (from Chicken and Herring). The second ingredient is Ground Whole Corn. Other ingredients include Corn Gluten meal, Rice, Whole Wheat, Egg Product, Milk and Brewer's yeast. The Guaranteed Analysis of this formula contains 36% protein and 22% fat.

  3. Avoderm Natural Chicken and Herring Meal Cat Food - Indoor Formula with Hairball Care
  4. - AvoDerm Natural Indoor Formula is designed to control two common problems experienced by indoor cats: hairballs and weight gain. The first ingredient in this formula is Chicken Meal, and the second ingredient is Ground Whole Corn. Other ingredients include Chicken Fat, Corn Gluten Meal, Tomato Pomace, Oatmeal and Pea Fiber. The Guaranteed Analysis of this formula includes 32% protein and 16% fat.

  5. Avoderm Natural Chicken and Herring MealĀ  Adult Cat Food
  6. - AvoDerm Natural Chicken & Herring formula is able to be fed to all adult cats. Two of the first five ingredients are chicken-based. Other ingredients include Corn products, Herring Meal, Brewers Yeast, Chicory Root, and Dried Yucca. The Guaranteed Analysis of this formula includes 32% protein and 20% fat.

Avoderm Dry Cat Food Final Thoughts

Most consumers are satisfied with the results of feeding AvoDerm brand foods to their cats. The ingredients in the dry cat food formulas are easily identifiable, which is helpful when dealing with a cat with food allergies. However, some sources claim that the avocado meal that AvoDerm uses in all of their cat food formulas contain a potentially toxic substance called persin. Though this is not confirmed, it still may affect some pet owner's choice to purchase this brand of cat food.

Avoderm Dry Cat Food Consumer Ratings

Have you ever bought and fed your cat Avoderm Cat Food? If so, please take the time and let others know what you thought of Avoderm Cat Food. Below is a ranking based on the price, ingredients and availability of Avoderm Cat Food.

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2 Responses to “Avoderm Dry Cat Food”
  1. squarebear Says:

    I started feeding my cats Avoderm cat food a few months ago. They absolutely love the food and many people have commented on how healthy their coats and teeth are. Even my vet is impressed with the health of my three cats.

    My only issue is when I bring home a new bag I have to lock it away or they will eat through the bag to get it immediately. I have made this mistake a few times and had to scoop up a few pounds of cat food off the floor.

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  2. rob Says:

    I used Avoderm Cat and Kitten canned food for my most recent litter and my oldest cats, all of which became extremely ill with gastrointestinal distress. After many hours at the vet’s office all 4 kittens died one by one in a 5 week period. My eldest cats are better now but still having problems. Once I realized the cause of the diarrhea I immediately stopped feeding them the food but it was just too late. The healthier middle aged cats dealt with it ok. Too many parts of the avocado plant are poisonous to animals for mistakes to happen. It was all very distressing to me.

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